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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American Jobs - New comment on Microsoft Layoffs - Cinco de Fire-O.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Layoffs - Cinco de Fire-O":

Useful job search information for laid off Microsoft workers here:

- Labor Market Info: In demand careers, outlook
- Career Development: Guidance, Assessments
- Job Search: Networking Groups, Associations,
- Resumes, Interview Techniques
- Job Opportunities, Careers and Internships
- Job Training – Free technical classes
- College Training
... and more

Who owns this helpful job seeker site? The MS Immigration Family Network.

A restricted, member-only site for Microsoft Corporate Visa Workers (H-1b and L-1) and their families dedicated to helping guest worker families find jobs (replace Americans) and go to college (instead of my kid).

New Washington State Law: In-state tuition rates for Microsoft guest worker families

Olympia: Who suffered cuts to subsidize tuition for highly paid, temporary Microsoft guest worker families?
- 110,000 Basic Health Insurance members who lost health coverage due to recent job losses?

o Federal Gov't study shows that H-1b workers "substantially" outnumber and exceed 241,000 laid of American tech workers.

- 2,500 teachers layoffs with $1.5 billion school funding cuts? Is this enough to subsidize highly compensated, employed, TEMPORARY Microsoft corporate visa workers?

Guest Worker family member jobs – Decrease the shrinking pool of American jobs
o L-1 visa spouses can work. H-1b can't but may be student visa workaround for job

o With this loophole, your teenager may not find a summer job. Instead, the job may be filled by a newly arrived 'student visa' spouse of a Microsoft corporate visa worker.

The corporate visa program is plagued by fraud and abuse. Today,
- It is legal for employers to discriminate against qualified Americans by firing them without cause and recruiting only H-1B guest workers to replace them.
- It is legal to hire H-1B even when a qualified U.S. worker wants the job and a U.S. worker can be displaced from the job in favor of a foreign worker."

In April, Senator Durbin introduced Bill S 887, to reform Corporate Visa Fraud and Abuse and protect American workers.

There's some great progress happening across the federal government to crack down on fraud and abuse. Corporate Greed run amok and bottomless lobbyist dollars created laws that benefit corporations, not people.

American Tech Workers, Help us help you.
Tell Your Senator to Pass S887 to end Corporate Visa Fraud and Abuse.

Visit for more information