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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maturity would be good - New comment on Beyond Redmond Product Groups

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Beyond Redmond Product Groups":

How interesting that Microsoft employees can't even disagree and counter one another with a small amount of respect. I guess this is what happens when people who appear to be angry, bitter and disallusioned find one another on the internet - they get to backhand one another anonymously under the illusion that they are creating real change, all the while just venting out of their own little personal corner of the Microsoft world, attempting to draw huge conclusions based on their narrowed experience.

If you can't respect your company and one another enough to treat one another with a bit more decency on an anonymous forum? Perhaps whether or not your emotional maturity (or lack theorof) might be a part of the problems causing you so much angst.

I don't like Microsoft, but I'm embarrassed for all of you. And I hope Microsoft finds a whole new crop of people who a a bit more thankful or at bare minimum, a bit more able to discuss their issues with one another with some maturity.

Thanks Mini - you're doing the competition more favors through this blog than you've ever realized.

(I appreciate your points on maturity and civility, but don't come here from the outside and just outright bang-up folks participating. And the competition should know better than to indulge in chuckling complacency because of what they read here. The discussion of problems bubble up, and that causes more change than you know.)

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Orange Scarfed Dementor Brigade and Other Wrongs

I'm deleting comments on my Company Meeting post that were offended over nothing. I feel leaving them on the post in question asserts a truth that is not true. Call me revisionist.


(1) Mini, I'm sick of reading confidential material posted here. Today you've posted at least one item that isn't intended for public disclosure at this stage, and you're making me and others mad by providing a forum for the disgruntled, not the constructive. Lisa's provided an alternative that allows us to have a free and open discussion without having every competitor or journalist see our dirty laundry, but you're just too addicted to the glory and the notoriety to stop now, it seems.

But if you care about Microsoft, you'd stop now.

Best wishes,

Disgusted of building 18.


(2) You Crappy piece of sh*t! some things are supposed to be MS confidential you didn't have to spill out everything that happened in the company meeting (some stuff was meant to be a surprise, stuff we've never shown to public yet)

"Mini - this is it. Either you start your constructive comments WITHIN microsoft, or please just leave the company." --> Sometimes I think you write your own comments.


(3) Hey Mini, cheers.

I read your blog once in a while with interest, but I have an increasing feeling that the same thing happens to you as with most crowd-facing people (not saying crowd-loving... yet). Things like: Losing the original spirit. Crawling for more attention. BECOMING more and more a product of your audience than whatever you were once.

But this post left me disgusted. Why the need to spill out gratuitously some of the confidential projects that we are working on? OK, maybe someone would have leaked them anyway, but WHY it has to be you?

Somehow you got an "honor" status for fighting for issues that affected everyone of us. Thanks for doing that. But don't lose stupidly your honor. Not this way...

There is a reason Google is not leaking their stuff. Maybe we have similar reasons. Think about it...

Mini-Microsoft Microsoft



Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great Word Feedback - New comment on Beyond Redmond Product Groups

Jordan has left a new comment on your post "Beyond Redmond Product Groups":

I've been wrestling with Microsoft Word for as long as anyone, and I'm astounded that a flagship product from the industry leader that's been through at least six major release versions is so overrun with basic design flaws and logical inconsistencies.

The discussion of "fundamental changes" in Office 2007 is, therefore, intriguing to me. Photoshop changed its central behavioral logic at version 7, IIRC; it was a seismic shift that was hated at the time but proves more and more necessary with each passing Word is more than due for a similar overhaul.

How hard would it be for Microsoft to make a word processor that:

--Uses a "character/word/paragraph/section/subdocument/document" metaphor that obeys logic and is consistently applied (e.g. predictable and consistent results when deleting a section break marker vs. deleting a paragraph marker)

--Does not rashly equate "Redo [the last Undo]" with "Repeat the last command (or user action)" (as Word does, in Control-Y)

--Uses formatting toggles that are reasonable, without indiscriminate checkboses and strange booleans like "Not Italic"

--Understands character formatting at least as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (each of which fits a dynamic display of every conceivable parameter for the entire character/"font" attribute set into a single 125/125 pixel palette) rather than scattering the functionality across multiple toolbars, menus and multi-tabbed dialog boxes

--Can alphabetize a list while ignoring articles and spelling out numerals (for example, sorting "1941" under N and "The Deer Hunter" under D, as in a book index)

--Can nest documents using dynamic and/or relative links (so that a document with sub-documents does not fall apart when moved to a different location on disk)

--Does not insist on transforming its document windows into web browser windows at the slightest provocation (e.g. any coherent hypertext irreversibly changing into a link that cannot be selected as text and will morph the window into browser mode when clicked)

--Can apply manual letter spacing which scales proportionally with the font size, rather than in absolute point sizes, so that appearance remains consistent as the text is resized

--Can scale onscreen text without destroying both character appearance and character spacing

--Can handle Adobe PostScript font ligatures, glyphs, and sub-pixel kerning

--Can generate line numbers that can be re-arranged and edited (in other words, force the ordinal numbers to move with the items, which is impossible in Word without saving as a plain text file)

--Can deal with an embedded graphic in a fashion that leverages both the PCI video card and the printer drivers, for reasonable accuracy, and in order to force full-resolution vector-based PostScript artwork to output properly

--Can leverage the video card when making 2D and 3D graphs

--Possesses, displays and uses a full complement of "keyboard shortcuts"

As things stand, the single, aforementioned "type"/"paragraph" palette in Adobe Illustrator is a better word processor than Microsoft Word (at least from a formatting/kerning/font selection standpoint). It would be great if Microsoft finally gave us all the 21st Century word processor we need.

(Great Word feedback, Jordan. Really. You should repost this over at the Word Team Blog at . I'm putting here just because, well, it started on topic and turned into some deep feedback on Word which went way off topic.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No, not APPL v MSFT again - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

Someone said...

Yeah APPL got a good move on iPod -- but it will be like the 1950 audio greats of Marantz, Scott, and Fisher -- roadkill when the market really gets going.

The market is already "going". Try this on for size:

iTunes outsells traditional music stores

70 percent of the new cars sold in the US offer iPod connectivity as an option.
Note, that's iPod connectivity, not Zune connectivity.

Walt Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger on Tuesday said the company sold 125,000 movie downloads worth $1 million in revenue through Apple Computer's iTunes online music store in the first week Disney movies were offered.

The retail behemoth isn't happy about the iPod maker's plans to offer movie downloads through iTunes. Has Wal-Mart met its match?
If Wal-Mart is scared, Apple must be on to something.

Over 450,000 Nike+iPod sport kits sold in less than 90 days. Note, that's Nike+*iPod* sport kits, not Nike+*Zune* sport kits.

Companies are falling over themselves to make accessories for the iPod.

And soon, with the iTV device (real name as yet to be released), Apple will also be in your living room.

My next portable digital audio player? An iPod, not a Zune.

Where do I go for my digital content? The iTunes Store, not the Zune Marketplace.

How many of my friends will buy Zunes, so that they can take advantage of wireless music sharing? Exactly zero.

The digital content and distribution market has arrived, and iPod+iTunes is clearly where it is at.

Honestly, I wish Microsoft good luck, but they really need to just sit back, re-evaluate their core competencies, and stop trying to conquer every market. It shows a clear lack of direction, and it just makes MS look like they are scrambling.

Innovation at Microsoft is dead. All I see is lame attempts at capturing markets already dominated by others.

It will take years before MS hits rock bottom, and years again for them to recover, if they can recover.

It will be an interesting story once it is over, that's for sure.

(I think we need something like a for all the APPL and MSFT fans to connect in productive dialogue. Right now, I've learned continuing points like this [and I appreciate the points above] just takes you off into the weeds.)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Beats Slashdot - New comment on Moderation Problems - Administrivia

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Moderation Problems - Administrivia":

you are so full of shit - you jus don;t want people to see all the crap you're getting as we now see what an ass you are. get the fuck out.

(Have to say, in a short amount of space you've exceeded some of the Slashdot crap I've had to deal with raving against Microsoft.)

Disclosure of what? New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

The playtable has absolutely NOT been disclosed publicly. What was demo'd today was NOT the playtable. It was a surface computing demo. Take a quick jump to http://playtable and tell me if you still see a comment absolutely forbidding discussion of it outside of the company. Oh, you do.

Christ, it's bullshit fuckwads like you that end up letting the cat out of the bag because you think some obscure reference that nobody picked up on over a year ago is sufficient "public" disclosure.

I don't give a fuck if you think someone outside of the company has demo'd it before; if it hasn't hit the front page of digg or slashdot, the world doesn't know about it and it should fucking stay internal.

Responsible blogging my ass. I don't give a crap about the dirty laundy you drag out into the public, but I pray someday you're found out and FIRED for bullshit disclosures like this.

(Okay, just what the hell was exposed? If you were to write a front-page article about what I said, what would it be? Damn.)

Where's your stick, though - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

Mini - face it, you are an idiot. Just leave. Please, please, please - leave.

(Uh huh.)

Am I being Lisa-Turfed? New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

Hey Mini,

I do think Microsoft needs to change. I do think Microsoft has a haves and a have-nots culture. Based on your posts below, it's clear you feel the same way.

I actually deliberately went out looking for your blog after today's company meeting to see what your comments would be. I expected a fair bit of cynical remarks... and quite frankly, until today, I never looked at your blog. It's only when LisaB alluded to you that I actually wanted to read your response and previous posts.

I admire your noble mission of changing Microsoft by voicing your opinion... but at some point, if you REALLY want the things around you to change, you have to either:
1) Make impact and change things around you... sometimes this is by voicing your opinions (as you have) or doing something more proactively.
2) Leave the environment you cannot change.

You've come to a crossroads quite frankly... I think you've stirred things enough to really highlight some of the issues the company has. I commend you for that. However, you're personally really stuck - your impact through your external blog is marginal, at best... and as for #2 --- ironically, your greatest value is in your anonymity... b/c no company would want to hire you if they knew who you were... you're their best weapon at Microsoft. So it's a catch-22 really... a really bad catch-22 for you.

For that, I feel sorry for you... you can't leave MSFT b/c the minute you did, you would have nothing to blog about... and NO - I don't believe you have something better... quite frankly, if I had thousands of people reading my blog, hell, I would have nothing better to do. :-)

And b/c you can't leave MSFT and you feel so hopeless, cynical and spiteful, you're not leading a great professional life... I can't believe you're progressing at MSFT with a cynical attitude.

The reason why I say cynical, the reason why I say hopeless... is not because you challenge MSFT - I respect that... it's because of your post after the company meeting.

Hell - I'm a cynic... I do love technology and want to make an impact.. that's why I'm here. But at the same time, I want to be as successful financially and professionally as possible... so if I found an environment that I thought offerred better, I would leave. Anyone would.

I genuinely feel sorry for you b/c you can't. Staying at MSFT is the only way you'll be happy in a dark way... b/c it's your blog you live for... As cheesy as I think this statement is, Gandhi once said 'You have to be the change you want to see in the world'. Even a cynic like me wants to roll up my sleeve and beat the competition!

As for Execs making a shit load of money and employees getting shit... a) execs at other companies make as much or more and b) the amount of stress execs have... I wouldn't want to trade my relatively stress-free life for the opportunity to make 5x.... the one thing that I can say without any doubt about execs at MSFT vs. other execs... they give a shit. Yes - they are millionaires. Yes - they could retire... but they work in long hours and try to beat the competition every day.

In closing, Mini - I'm cynical just like you. I think you have a choice... I say give up your day job (blogging) and make a positive difference. If you want to continue blogging, go ahead... but if you really didn't feel good after this company meeting, I don't think this company is for you. You might want to think about that... and re-consider going somewhere else. My guess is that, at best, you're an average employee... so you don't have better options than Microsoft... and that saddens me b/c you'll never stop blogging (which makes you 'above average')... I just wish you weren't mediocre and were really intelligent (you would leave) or were incompetent (were top-graded)... how ironic that the mediocracy you outline is a perfect reflection of you.

(Hmm, maybe it's the paranoia welling up in my mediocracy, but comments like this are beginning to seem just a little too coordinated.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yeah, yeah - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

This is totally inexcusable. wtf, why are you guys posting confidential information from the company meeting.

This is definitely not "responsible" is insane..

This blog is doing no good for the company...Mini, glory and fame doesnt mean you have the right to do anything you want that might harm the interests of the company you are working for and your colleagues

(Point made what, twice? Re-Points go here.)

You're all Dead to Me - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

The ViewMaster! has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

I Wish Management Who Have The "Ball$" To Tell It Like It REALLY IS!

Vista & Office Are Just "Gimmicks"!

That, DOWNLOADING Is History & The Browser Is DEAD!!!

So, We Could Move On To Windows Live!!!

Re: Vista=Gimmick!!!

That's What I "...hope happens at the Company Meeting"

(Then that has to be two of the most expensive gimmicks developed in the history of time.)

What's your sign - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting 2006":

What do I hope happens at the Company Meeting? I hope you sit under a giant sign that says "I'm Mini-Microsoft". It's really time, don't you think?

(I'd be pretty lonely doing that. Maybe it would be exciting if I was serving beer?)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodness - New comment on Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!":

"Mini - thanks for inspiring people to be positive. As bad as Microsoft can be at times, it sucks *WAY* less than most of the rest of the world (that's no reason not to continue to push for improvements, just a dose of reality for the grass is greener crowd)"

Yes, Mini, thanks for inspiring us to be positive because...without you we'd all shoot ourselves!

MSFT " *WAY* less than the rest of the world..."? Care to give us an example? Just one, please. Extremist Muslim organizations don't count.

I'll help. How about...Hmmmm...Gee, I can't think of any place there's a 900 person/pound gorilla calling the shots and eating all the bananas. Where many, many don't like their own products. Where, in their heart of 10-Commandment-hearts, they despise the evil practices of their evil empire.

I can't think of any place where one sees tons of money thrown at useless projects and patents stolen and paid tripley for (as in damages) and yet...the belt gets tightened when it comes to employee performance.

And, this is employee performance that has no watchdogs to gauge the political leanings of a whimsical, power hungry, petty tyrant middle manager - man - (women don't DO this shit; so, hire more women, stupid!)

FLASH - This just in: Congrats to the Brad Smith and the Legal Eagles! We have just stolen the Frutiger font, renamed it and screwed a dying 75 year old Brit out of a few paltry million for his family. Let's all bow our heads and remember Mr. Frutiger when we see his lovely work throughout the Vista product! Yea, Brad! Yea, Vista. Yea, MSFT!

Help me out here. Where are these "rest of the world SUCKS" examples?

You know what, there ARE NONE! Why, because they are all OUT OF BUSINESS. Why, because behavior like that goes unrewarded.

So, Softies, it's going to take a while to run through that $34 billion and counting but, never fear, we'll do it. After all, it's what we're best at.

(This one whips me around so much I just get dizzy reading it!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

ehhh, SmartPhones? New comment on Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!":

And like Pong, the iPod is just the beginning of what is possible -- not the end.

You must be gagging on kool-aid. Zune is yet another Microsoft effort that's a day late and a dollar short. Or years and years late, whatever.

Cell phones are becoming better and better substitutes for MP3 players, but there's a lot of room for improvement. Apple seems to be taking advantage of that with the much-rumored iPhone project.

Microsoft is going to look pretty f'ing stupid (again) when it releases a conventional iPod clone with gimmicky WiFi and Apple releases something that has the potential to revolutionize the phone and MP3 player industries at the same time.

(SmartPhones running Windows Mobile? Shall we welcome Apple to the party, then, along with the whole Media Center copycat?)

Something old - New comment on Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!

MFW has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!":

Microsoft's big problem is that it hasn't created any revolutionary new products in years, arguably since the original Office suite, in fact.

Basically, it has completely missed the Internet revolution. Browsers, Portals, Search, Email, Online Commerce, Music Players, Video Games....every single one of these categories is dominated by a non-MSFT company which beat Microsoft to the punch and gained first mover advantage:

Browser - Netscape
Online Retailing - Amazon
Online Auctions - EBay
Video Games - Nintendo/Sony
Music Players - Apple
Search - Google
Online Payments - PayPal
Portals - Yahoo
Email - Hotmail
CRM - Oracle

Ten years ago, Microsoft had the potential to win every single one of these markets if it had thought fast enough and innovated fast enough. It didn't, and now it is paying the price.

Look at this year, for example. Microsoft's three big releases are non-compelling upgrades to two of its own products (Vista and Office) which most consumers probably won't buy, and a two years too late entry into a music player market (Zune) that is already dominated by Apple.

That is why the stock has been stagnant for the last five years; because the market doesn't reward technology companies that do not innovate and create compelling new products.

So to everybody out there complaining about the stock price....go out and create something new and revolutionary. That's how you'll get the stock price to rise...not by whining about it and spending all the company's energy on bureaucratic infighting.

(I know, I know, we've heard this feedback a thousand times. Thing is, your "first" list actually isn't the people who did it first. They just did it best first.)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Divine Banter - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

"Non-sequitors, irrelevant drivel, and inane platitudes. Did you have a point or do you just like playing with the bold tag?

As for Peter, not sure why he seems to think MS is to blame for lack of passion in anybody. I'd have to agree with the original poster that it reflects a character problem with him."

Well...there you go...judging again! And, you raise another Straw Man from the dead as, you most likely ARE the origional poster! Tsk! Tsk! It's easy being anonymous, ain't it.

(This is how the banter ends... divine intuition.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Banter ahead - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

"Hey Lazy Boy, I did your job for you."

Hey Mark, do not pre-judge the gender. I am not aboy.

Also, well it is really stupid to number exits on highway by the dat and time they were created. The highways are numbered by sequence.

I titled you stupid (not personally though) for two reasons. Suggesting a date & time solution for the problem for the which the straight forward solution is numbering. You may be lazy to figure out the implementation of the right solution.

The second reason to call you stupid is your association with google. Blogger should have the numbering as the default option. Google (and you by your representing google here) is stupid for not having this as default.

Now, you in google may work as single person team. We here work in a collaborative environment. If you have skill A and not skill B, does not mean you should not even share your skill A. Doing that would be very stupid and by your response it seems you could be labeled stupid for this third reason too.

(There's nothing really bad or wrong here but I just want to put the kibosh on the back and forth on this topic. I'm letting it see the light of day, but...)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Macs in School - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

"All students enrolled in Shoreline's public secondary schools now can have a Macintosh laptop for use at school and at home during the school year," Linda Knapp reports for The Seattle Times.

(Okay. That's a bit of a non sequitur for me. Macs have long been in schools. Is it because it's in Shoreline?)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Mr. Status Quo Ho Ho - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

Being a free self unemployed person, I sometimes watch a movie in the corner of my screen while attending to other chores. This morning it is 'Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World' with Russell Crowe. I enjoy the last scenes where Captain Lucky Jack addresses the `team' just before the last battle of the movie. In his little sermon on the mount to direct and encourage the troops, he says, "the Akron is a tough nut to crack, more than twice our guns and twice our numbers. . .gun crew, . . you'll fire for the main mast. . ." And so without further adieu:

Google Office: a close-up look

And to the internal Microsoft disgruntled. Methinks you protest too much. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, as some of you might actually catch on and put up a good fight instead of firing your canon at the floor sinking the ship, but your statement:

"We should go to a site like cafepress and reserve shirts with the slogan

"Each Microsoft VP/GM looted $1M but all I got was this lousy shirt""

I would actually suggest a t-shirt that says "I lost my job in the Google Wars". Or heres another: "MSFT in O6: $90 BLN Market Cap Loss"

Someone wrote: ".. it's democracy, and it's unveiling the b/s from MS's management that destroys shareholder value."

Are you daft boy? To those of us outside, Whoda's a devout sycophant [micro]Sophist, just shy of the overly constricted schoolmarm, with a ruler to slap your knuckles. Democracy, maybe in the same way that Microsofy's have convinced themselves they are enlightened and just in their products, which any long time user of them would tell you otherwise. He often slices words from posts and `disappears' others or taunts others by putting them on the cutting room floor with dunce hats. No, Mini is only helping to maintain the status quo as it is, helping you to stay the blinders till the canon sees the whites of your eyes.

Alas, I leave you with this other seagoing analogous effigy chorus from the first act of HMS Pinafore, a truer comparative satire on the state of Microsoft if there never was one or ever wasn't:

"We sail the ocean blue,
And our saucy ship's a beauty;
We're sober men and true,
And attentive to our duty.
When the balls whistle free
O'er the bright blue sea,
We stand to our guns all day;
When at anchor we ride
On the Portsmouth tide,
We have plenty of time to play."


(A taunting schoolmarm? That's a new one.)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Not about me - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

Yo Mini-man!! What's your level and how wus your review this year? Do you mind sharing that info with the community?

Peace Punk!

(I've discovered that this blog, and my love for it, becomes seriously derailed when I make it the least bit about me)

900 Gangsters - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

If possible can you guys also post the names of suitable companies in and around seattle area.

Microsoft Corporation - it's around Seattle, someplace called Redmond...and that's where the world's best 900 gansters work!!!

(Oh, that's just not being helpful...)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Diversity Fuel - New comment on Looking Forward - Reviews, The Company Meeting, and Then Some...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Looking Forward - Reviews, The Company Meeting, and Then Some...":

"Unions had a place 100+ years ago when 15 years olds were made to work long shifts in dangerous coal mines. Now they are nothing more than an excuse for mediocrity and shake down."

The "diversity" racket fullfills that function much better, as it divides the loot pie between a few Worthies instead of speading it around to the mediocres masses. Where else can you get a million dollars payoff simply because your skin has a high concentration of melanin or because you're into homosexual sex?


Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Ray - New comment on Looking Forward - Reviews, The Company Meeting, and Then Some...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Looking Forward - Reviews, The Company Meeting, and Then Some...":

Ray Myers,

Contact me asap at 555-111-222. My doctor friend has an opening next week and he has agreed to see you. I am sure you'll like him. He is one of the best mental health specialists in America.

Thank you


(-1 for Ray)