Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Friday, February 29, 2008

Schaudenfruede, with Popcorn - New comment on Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well...":

I'm having a grand time watching MS self-destruct.

I say keep the status quo. It'll do IT and technology in general a world of good if MS implodes.

(Yeah, yeah, lay some money down.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rory Grr - New comment on Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well...":

"For a guy who's trying to come off as being qualified to assess my intelligence, you could have at least spelled my name correctly."

Actually I don't care enough about you to check the spelling of your name or proof my comments.

"Actually, I started off merely thinking I was awesome. It wasn't until I wound up in the New York Times, in the European press, on French news television, on an A&E reality show, getting pussy because of my writing, etc., that people finally told me I was great."

Yep, you're great - you've been on reality TV. Mea culpa. A lot of people think Scoble is great too.

"That's when I started calling myself great. I figured all those people couldn't be wrong."

The little ego bit was cute 10 years ago when Maddox was doing it.

"Toshiba wasn't smart enough to sell me a machine with a decent setup."

And that's MS' fault?

"As a customer, I don't care where the "craplets" come from. It's not my job to figure it out, nor is it my job to realize that I have to remove them before the system will work (or at least kind of work)."

Agreed. You know the solution you just refuse to use it. Speaking of signs of mental retardation. . . .

"And, yeah, my Toshiba runs sans 'craplets,' but Windows Update keeps reinstalling them, and since Windows Update is the closest software analogue to a Nazi, I don't feel like I have much of a choice in the matter."

Nazi, eh? I'm sure 14 million deceased would not be amused by your analogy.

At any rate, perhaps you should try the old "view available updates" and access the old "hide update" option. But then, you know, Vista would work better and you'd have one less thing to harp on.

"Everyone you've talked to is stupid."

Your short-man's-disease probably had more to do with the repeated attempts at firing you than your "personal issues."

"Drug addiction was just one problem. I went downhill after my grandmother died - that was more of an issue. I had also been diagnosed as bipolar three times, but ignored those diagnoses because I didn't want to believe it."

Yep, you've got problems. Plural.

"One reason that people like you dislike me is that I'm an asshole who's succeeded. I'm also cocky, and I have the skills and experience to back it up."

No, I think you could be a talented writer if you didn't waste so much effort masking your personality behind all the self-aggrandizement; I enjoy the good bits in your blog.

"It took very little time to do the drugs. I spent most of my time working. On drugs. And doing far better than you. Which, understandably, must be a source of frustration for someone such as yourself."

That's certainly arguable, but we hold differing value systems and neither is there room here for my resume. And the little ego bit was really tired by the time Tucker Max did it.

"... but I'm taking my chances."

Rory Anit-Grr - New comment on Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Because the Last Aquisition Went So Well...":

"Hate on MS all day Rory; it's a straight path to relapse."

Wow, man! Feel the love oosing from this post. Clearly, in your book, Rory said Bad Thing, and so he must die.

I'd suggest that - if your default response to criticism wasn't one of belittlement and agression - you might ship better products (but I suspect that the 'bozo' setting is actually soldered into the 'on' position on your mental motherboard). Go surf some more porn, so we can sack you.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Turning Ballmer Sweat into Wine - New comment on Microsoft and Yahoo! -- Stay on Target?.

Arnold "the attacking" Ziffel has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft and Yahoo! -- Stay on Target?":

MIcrosoft is nothing but a rag, and that is why I love Apple! This buy-out of Yahoo is just what we've always expected from a rag software company like Microsoft. No innovation except through assimilation.

So, here I is, ragging on the rag of all rag software companies, and all Steve Balmer can do is attempt to distill the sweat from his armpits into wine. Got news for you, Mini, ain't gonna happen!

Sorry for the off-topic (or just attacking) comments. Guess it's time for you to throw this into your bit bucket, which ought to be quite full with Vista and all its sewage-like sludge having preceded my ragging comments (that are somewhat attacking).

(Yeah, it was about time to re-enable moderation.)