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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's with all the licking? New comment on What's up with Microsoft India?.

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The other day we had sashi and his handpicked leadership team do a FY09 initiatives planning presentation to ask for some of our participation. It was a show that had us wondering where IGTSC was going given the quality of presentations and sheer bullshitting.
sashi, look arround you have a lot of talent in your organisation, you are so convinced about your egoistic judgements, that even you get blinded , let me tell you one thing, your judgement about your leadership sucks. They are themself surprised about how they made it there,I heard one of your directs was in tears and about to fall at your feet when you announced his promotion as a director.
you talk all great things about this and that of management why dont you stand up and clean it up. for a change, when you have an opening , put it up in our internal / external recruiting website, let their be interviews and a fair round of selections than setting them up and announcing their position-SICK.
you are becoming very predictable and that is not a good quality for a leader. with the fat salary you get, try to do some justice. dont get too intoxicated by your position , a bunch of good for nothing ass licking directs and a organisation that is soo disconnected by the other MS subs in India.
we work hard every night , just ensure that we are being lead by some competent blokes.
So ravi kukke, now that you have licked sashi enough when is your announcement going to come, as usual sashi will sneak that out in Q2
What a pity-

(Less licking, more problem + solution, please.)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Too much licking going on for me - New comment on What's up with Microsoft India?.

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Well I have not seen anyone not writing anything about SMSP India so let me start with Sales folks.. lead by Rajeev and bunch of ass lickers. PTS/SSP lead by Anupam who has no clue what MS is all about and his clowns Manav and Venkata. Manav was repairing PCs in MSIT and now he is the PTS lead.. God knows when he will get kicked out when they find out some PTS pimp is supplying girls for him.Venkata is useless he has his ass covered by leaves. So in short PTS team sucks filled up with ass licking ladies and gents esp the short haired old one in blr

(just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Enough about keyboards already - New comment on Microsoft FY08Q4 Results.

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And besides, if your goal is "small above everything else", then it's still way too freakin' huge.

Agree with you on that. I was responding to the challenge of `best keyboard'.

An interesting source of keyboards odd and rare keyboards is this site:

Lots of compact notebook type keyboards there, as well as some ergonomic keyboards mostly really crappy designs but an interesting mix; the two dominant brands Microsoft and Logitech are not there.

Looking at the selection, note the classifications. I think this is indicative of the nature of keyboards as being quite personal, like mice. Ergonomic, desktop, notebook, sculpted, two piece, etc. The designs there are mostly crap, but the selection is enormous. While the Microsoft selection is quite generic to the old size range of the full 104+ key keyboards.

As for the Logitech key arrangement, I have never been affected adversely by their key layout selection, so I am having a hard time relating to your claim of the layout being backwards. Maybe you can be more specific, or maybe they are using a different `standard'? Microsoft is great at altering standards in the name of Microsoft then claiming it is what everybody has to use.