Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Sunday, November 11, 2007

increasing opposition to all that is microsoft - New comment on Better off without Ballmer?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Better off without Ballmer?":

I dont really care much about the politics of big business as much of you are posting here. I do care about cleaning up the internet, preserving the worlds greatest resource ,educating people and keeping computers and internet affordable for all. After ten years of being a user I went for CCNA and web design. Those ten years were spent in frustration of trying to train my habits and mind to think around all the flaws and bugs in the microsoft products I was using. Microsoft went 411 days without acknowledging a serious flaw in their XP operating system. They did eventually, silently, fix the flaw in a roll up on the 411th day. This flaw along with countless others forced network administrators to fend for themselves. My CCNA education came from a regional school with many locations over a vast area. The admin did what he had to using Nortons Ghost to implement daily fixes to the nodes across all the schools. This resulted in a breach of the licensing agreement and such a fine that my school almost shut down. Instead they had to take the free internet they received and become an ISP selling it to other area's to recoup the fine imposed by microsoft. Way to go Microsoft!

This is one of many instances and flaws that cost companies and users their patience and tolerance for microsofts corporate greed and bullying tendencies.

I go out of my way to preach Apple to anyone who is not technically inclined. To date I have gifted five apple computers to others. Their days of spyware viruses and stolen identities came to an end. To those who can deal with the concepts involved I preach linux. Much to my satisfaction and slowly all techie's out there are following my suit.

Miscrosoft and all board members need to realize that they are loosing. Eventually, even though the public on a whole is less than educated, they will learn that microsoft products are heavy on resources and easily exploited by malicious hackers. My suggestion would be to fire Ballmer (hanging him upside down for a public stoning would be appropriate) and all others involved with the NT system and that they need to start over. This would represent the largest corporate face lift ever but it is warranted. Then they should go to Apple and Google and form an alliance. Learn from others how to make secure product that comply to standards and get away from propietary nonsence. Look at the Zune flop.

If this hits the cutting room floor so be it. This is my opinion and the world need to know that there is an increasing opposition to all that is microsoft and why. The fact that they are now trying to make better more secure products that are heavier on resources and more propietary than ever is not an effort worth applauding. Neither is patenting rediculous things like the fact that if a person is watching television on a computer while chatting with someone on the same screen via IM that this is microsoft intellectual property!!!?? Things like this ensure the success of their competitors. How can one not bash corporate idiocy?

(change might only happen due to the increasing opposition and the effects of this choice.)